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freedom to Exercise Anywhere On Earth

Finally, a way I can exercise that’s works for me. Achieve your fitness goals on any schedule without wasting time or money.

Save Your Time

Exercise on your schedule!

Save Your Money

No gym memberships!

Save Your Health

No more excuses!

Everything changed when I found resistance bands. Now I want everyone who has ever struggled with inconsistency in fitness to benefit from the same solution I have.

Ethan Tripodi
Onterra Fitness Founder

About us

THis Is Onterra Fitness

Onterra Fitness is new, family-owned, local Australia business committed to a “no-excuse” style of exercise. This all begins with the right resources and products that make staying fit possible no matter where you are.

Resistance bands are the key to this success and through our website you can:

Learn about them through our blog,

Get your own set through our store

Or see other recommended products

All for your to achieve your fitness goals.

The Blog

health and fitness shouldn’t be limited to One time or place

The Onterra Blog is where you can learn about the best ways for you to maintain your fitness goals anywhere on earth (terra in Latin). When it comes to resistance bands, you’ll learn what they are, how to use them, and why you need them.

The Store

Exercise Anywhere On Earth With The New Onterra Resistance Band Bundle

The Onterra Store is where you can get your own set of Onterra Resistance Bands and start hitting your fitness goals. Alongside these we have other fitness products we recommend for those who want to go a stop further.

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