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As a local, Australian owned brand, we focus on providing products and resources that help you live a life that’s sustainable for you personally and for the planet. We have just launched our first product, the Onterra Resistance Band Bundle, which enables people to exercise wherever they are on terra (latin for earth).

This gives people a no-excuse option for exercise and gets them on the path to being healthy. If you don’t prioritise your own health, you won’t prioritise the planet.

While the planet is helped by those who no longer need to drive to the gym (Co2 emission), the primary purpose of using bands is to get you outside more so that you appreciate the planet. Future products and resources will show you how you can live an even more sustainable life that benefits you, and the generations to come.

Remember… you are on terra!


Onterra Resistance BAnd Bundle

Ships Australia wide through Amazon.


5 Custom Onterra Resistance Bands (1 to 55kg of weight)

Exclusive Onterra Drawstring Backpack

Premium Onterra Door Anchor

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Exercise Anywhere On Earth

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